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About Advantage Driving School

Advantage Driving School is a family owned and operated business. We teach the Louisiana State Class E and D license courses. All of our driving instructors have successfully completed a rigorous training program. 

Our number one priority is safety. All of our vehicles have the additional brake on the passenger side. We take driving an automobile very serious and teach our students the realities of getting behind-the-wheel. We build our students' awareness and confidence behind-the-wheel so they become safe, effective drivers. 

We focus on teaching our students to use a common sense approach when driving. To deliver a fun, enjoyable experience for our students, we use a variety of resources that consist of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and videos. Our driver education program is designed to accommodate all learning styles so that every student experience a successful transition in becoming a safe, competent driver.

In addition to teaching teens, we also offer shorter classes to adults who do not have a drivers license. We offer for Caddo and Bossier Defensive Driving Classes with flexible scheduling.