About us

Advantage Driving School is a Family Owned and Operated Business. We teach our students to drive using a variety of Resources that consist of Lectures, Power Points and Videos. We teach them to use a common sense approach when driving.

Our program is designed to accommodate all learning styles so that every student experience a successful transition in becoming a safe and competent driver.

We take driving an automobile very serious and teach our students the realities of getting behind the wheel. We also offer a fun and enjoyable experience for them.

Our number one priority here at Advantage Driving School is Safety. We teach the Louisiana State Class E and D License Courses. All of our Vehicles have the additional brake on the passenger side.

We teach each of our students awareness and build their confidence in the classroom and behind-the-wheel so that they may become safe and effective drivers. In addition to teaching teens, we also offer the shorter classes to adults who do not have a drivers License. We offer for Caddo and Bossier Defensive Driving Classes with flexible scheduling.